Driving Usability With Empirical Data

Driving Usability With Empirical Data
Too often, I work with folks that dismiss many years of interface design and information architecture experience as "your opinion" and are eager to offer their own in place of good design practices. To avoid such "he said, she said" arguments (oh, and do the right thing for the user), I’m always happier when I’ve ...

Making Better Charts 1

Making Better Charts
As I was browsing the Business Insider blog this morning, I ran across an article entitled Tablets Are Becoming More Important Than Smartphones For Online Shopping, But Retailers Aren’t Ready. Interesting stuff. The article includes the following chart: Using the chart, I wanted to answer the following questions: How much more important are tablets than ...

Keyboard shortcuts with Mousetrap

As a JIRA power user, I’m impressed by the dizzying array of keyboard shortcuts that are available throughout the product. It was the clear inspiration for a similar integration I added to a recent project, using a great little JavaScript library called Mousetrap. Share this:FacebookGoogleLinkedInTwitter